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  • Golden Boy 22LR Collector's Edition


  • Tactical Goat Leather Gloves

    Our tactical gloves are safe and discrete.  They reinforce your fists with steel shot in and around the knuckle area.  Our gloves reinforce your fists with steel shot in and around the knuckle area. They are commonly used by police and military.


    Alongside catching criminals, tactical gloves have a range of other uses because of their tough and hard-wearing nature .

    Paintball: They are perfect for absorbing paintball hits, and the grip and dexterity they offer means shooting is easier and safer.

    Airsoft: Like paintball, they can provide a level of protection needed from high speed solid pellets.

    Winter: Tactical gloves give greater protection against the cold and make clearing snow or ice a more tolerable experience.

    Motorcycle Riding:  Great to protect hands from road rash in case of an accident or from small objects that impact hands while riding.

    Some of their Features:

    •  Depending on style, they come with 8 oz of steel shot or Thermoplastic Protectors strategically sewn into the knuckles
    • Made with double-layered goatskin for maximum durability & comfort
    • Spandex provides breath-ability & freedom of movement
    •  Come with additional padding in the fingers for extra protection
    • Loop Wrist closure with Velcro
    • Large: 9 1/2"-10" X-Large: 10 1/2"-11"
    • Lifetime Warranty: The Tactical Gloves are made of the highest quality components and come with a lifetime warranty. See the enclosed instructions for complete details.

    If purchased from our site, please review this product.  We always want to hear from our customers and value their opinions.

    Please note: this item CAN NOT be shipped to Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey.

  • Ruger Precision Rifle from Davidson's

    If you are looking for a long range shooting rifle, we have the Rugar Precision 308 Rifle on sale until 9/6/2019 for $1388.98 from Davidson's.  Regular price is $1674.00.  We will cover the price of the background check if purchased from us and picked up here in Elephant Butte, NM.

    If ordered from another state, firearm will need to be delivered to an FFL Dealer in your area.

    Every gun purchased from Davidson's comes with a lifetime guarantee.   For more information or questions, call Fred at 575-544-7999.

  • Stun Gun or Pepper Spray: Which is better?

    Criminals don't want you to fight back.  When it comes to self-defense you have many options and not all of them have to be lethal but they can hurt.  As to which is better, I will leave that up to your own personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.   Below is information regarding both, so you can make your own choice.

    Pepper Spray

    Imagine an intense burning sensation that just doesn't go away.  That is exactly what you can expect from pepper spray.  It produces agonizing pain and can temporarily impair vision for an extended amount of time.  Its main component is oleoresin capisicum (OC) which is a derivative of pepper plants.  Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent that attacks the central nervous system.  It will cause involuntary eye closure, tearing, restricted breathing, choking, and coughing.  Burning sensation can last between 30-45 minutes and will be an experience that one will never forget.  


    • Immediate reaction
    • Easy to use and affordable
    • Small in size, easy to conceal
    • Provides protection from a distance
    • Non-toxic
    • Legal in all 50 states, however there are some restrictions in a few states (Check your local laws)


    • Be aware of possible blow back
    • Does expire
    • Need to practice


    Stun Guns

    Customers often confuse stun guns with tasers and vice-a-versa so I want to make sure you understand the difference.  Both provide an electric shock but tasers use a physical projectile to shoot the electric shock while a stun gun requires direct physical contact.  Many tasers can also be used as a stun gun providing a close physical shock as well.  Both will momentarily disable muscle control in an attacker.


    • Affordable
    • Small in size and easy to conceal in purse or pocket
    • Compressing the button/Activating stun gun can deter attacker when they hear the electrical cracking noise
    • Wide variety of models
    • If you use on an attacker that is touching you, you do not feel the electric shock.


    • Close proximity to attacker
    • Temporarily disables muscle control. So you need to get away quickly.
    • Legal to carry but in some states require extra steps to own and carry one like background checks so make sure you check with the laws in your state before you purchase one.


    • Trigger-easy to activation design with wrist strap disabling pin
    • Li'l Guy -small design
    • Runt -small design with wrist strap disabling pin
    • Stun Batons -larger in size, can be used as a hitting weapon, some come with wrist disabling pin
    • Multiguard -comes with built in alarm
    • Lipstick -small and discrete
    • Hike 'n' Strike -hiking stick

    Here at Red Mountain Bunker we want to make sure our customers are informed about the products we carry.  Being able to defend yourself is a right that every American should have.  We carry lethal and non-lethal products.  How you defend yourself is a personal choice.

    Feel free to leave comments or questions.

    Thank you

  • Savage Arms 6.5 Creedmoor On Sale Now!

    Savage Arms 110 Storm

    Please visit our Davidson's website or call Fred at 575-544-7999 if interested.


  • 30% off Flashlights

    500 & 1200 Lumen LED Zoomable Flashlights

    These have been very popular among our customers.  Both are fully rechargeable.

    On Sale $7.67              Reg. $10.95

    On Sale $14.67                Reg.  20.95



  • On sale 6.5 Creedmoor

    Looking for a new hunting rifle this season. Check out the 6.5 Creedmoor that is on sale until 8/23/19 for $336.81.   This is one the most popular guns out there right now for hunters.

    Use VIP code 960233 at checkout or call 575-544-7999 for more information.

  • Davidson's Product Spotlight: 12 Gauge Shotgun From Rock Island Armory

    Product Spotlight from Davidson's

    Your Price: $224.98, on sale for a limited time.

  • Conceal Carry: Smith and Wesson M & P Shield 380 EZ

    For me, finding a hand gun that I can fully operate and that was 100% dependable has been a huge challenge.  I do have a 9mm Hi-Point that I bought years ago that I absolutely love but it has a tendency of getting jammed.  So, I never carried it for personal defense.  I do have a small Ruger but locking the slide back is impossible and racking the slide can be difficult.  So, when I discovered the new M&P Shield 380 EZ, I was instantly in love with it.


    What Makes It So Easy?

    The M&P 380 Shield EZ was designed for easy use, loading, and cleaning.  Now, I would consider myself more of a novice while my husband being the expert in the family.  I can honestly say I feel very comfortable using, loading, and cleaning this firearm.  I can easily work the slide and lock/unlock the slide.  The magazine has an easy to load button which makes it easier to load rounds.  I am also able to take it apart easily so cleaning is a piece of cake but don't tell my husband this.


    I was amazed at how it felt the first time I took it out.  It felt like I was shooting my Ruger .22.  It had little kick which made it fun to shoot.  I didn't have any problems with the trigger pull either.  Best of all, malfunction was not an issue with regular and defense ammo which made me feel confident that I could use it for self-defense.

    I would agree with many reviews regarding accuracy.  It does seem to be more difficult to get shots grouped but not impossible.  And, hitting the large mass that we are taught to shoot in conceal carry classes was not a problem.  So again, I feel confident that I could use this gun for self-defense.

    Final Thoughts

    Like I said earlier, I am not a professional when it comes to firearms and never will claim to be but I do know what I like.   It is important to me to feel completely confident with a gun that I want to carry for conceal carry.  I do know that many people would prefer a 9mm or a 45 but I figure with the eight rounds and one in the chamber someone would have to be stupid to keep coming at me.  I am not that bad of a shot.  If you are looking for something with a bigger caliber, I also like the Mossberg MC1SC.

    When shopping for a conceal carry firearm do your homework and talk to others before buying a gun.  Make sure you can operate it and it feels right in your hand.  If you are a novice like me, get assistance.  My husband and I always want our customers to feel good about their purchase before they leave our business.  If you can, shoot it before you buy it.  We offer this for our clients.  We also offer extra instruction for individuals that do not have much experience with firearms.  Safety is a huge concern for us.

    The M & P Shield EZ does come with a variety of optional features so prices do vary depending on what you are looking for.  Prices typically are under $400.   Looking at reviews from those who know more than I do, it gets high marks.  This is one firearm that my husband and I will continue to keep in our inventory for personal use and for resale.

    Pat Ruebush


  • On Sale Now: Diversion Safes 25% Off

    Looking for a way to hide money, jewelry, keys, etc. in plain sight?  Red Mountain Bunker has a variety of Diversion Safes to meet your needs.

    During a break-in, a criminal spends as little time as possible in your home.  Their goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible with as much as they can FAST.  They don't have time to look everywhere.  This is where a diversion safe can be used to hide those things you don't want criminals to find.

    A diversion safe protects and hides valuables in plain sight.   They come in various sizes and a variety, of what to look like, everyday products.

    Features of a DIVERSION SAFE

    These safes look like ordinary everyday objects.   It could be a coca-cola can, or a flower pot where you will have room enough to conceal your keys, money, or other valuable items.

    A criminal will not see it as a valuable item while searching your home. They look like ordinary items found in your home.   Some are also compact in size so they are great for traveling.

    Diversion safes are affordable.  You do not need to spend $50 or more dollars on them.   And because they are so affordable, you can have a variety of them for for extra security.


    • Look like ordinary everyday objects.  Criminals are more interested in locked cabinets or ordinary safes.
    • Affordable prices
    • Small so they don't take up much space
    • Don't have to remember a password or combination to open them
    • Easy to get to, don't have to hide them


    • Not always waterproof
    • They could be possibly discovered

    Types of Safes


    Book Safe:   Probably one of the most popular.  The outer cover is made like a regular book and can be stored with other books.  You can hide a small pistol, keys, cash, or jewelry inside it.

    Can/Cylinder Safe: Many of these come in popular drinks.  They can be hidden in your kitchen or other room in plain view.  Many  also come in common household cleaning products.

    Rock Safe: These should always be placed in an environment where they typically would be seen and where they blend in easily.  Great way to hide an extra set of keys to a building.


    Personal Care Products:  These would be great for traveling especially if you are staying in hotels.  Someone looking to take something valuable are more likely looking for the ring or money mistakenly left on nightstand or bathroom sink.

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