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  • Gun Safety Starts with You

    Hi everyone.  I have had something bothering me for a while now and thought I would just get it out there.  There has been so many arguments over guns and gun laws because of all the shootings and crimes involving guns people think guns should be banned altogether.  So, here it goes.  Guns don't kill anymore than knives, cars, etc.  People kill.  People cause accidents.  With that said, do people need to be smart when it comes to guns.  ABSOLUTELY!  Just like operating a car or owning a firearm, people need to practice gun safety and be responsible.

    Below I have listed some Gun Safety Rules:

    • ALWAYS keep your gun  pointed in a safe direction.  Assume ALL guns are loaded.
    • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
    • Know your target and what is beyond.
    • Know how to operate your gun safely.
    • Make sure the gun is safe to operate.
    • Use correct ammunition for your gun
    • Never operate a firearm when under the influence of alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, or prescription drugs.
    • Store guns so they are not accessible to children or unauthorized individuals.   Use safety locks designed for firearms.
    • Know how to clean your gun correctly.

    The rest of what I am going to say is my opinion and you can agree or disagree.  Gun safety doesn't stop here.  The fact is there will always be crimes and shootings involving guns.  Banning guns isn't going to stop the problem.  However, we as individuals can help prevent horrible things from happening.

    If you have guns in your home, teach your kids.  Don't keep them a mystery.  Be honest and straight forward with them.  Do your research on how best to talk to your kids about firearms.  Talk to your spouse or significant other so you both are on the same page when it comes to talking to your kids about firearms.  Most important, keep them locked up.

    Lastly, know your kids and LISTEN to them.  If your child is feeling suicidal or frustrated with something, listen to them and get them help if needed.  Take you kids seriously.  There are resources in your community that can help.  Doctors, social workers, and school counselors can assist you in finding help for your child.   

    Gun safety starts with each one of us.  My hope, if anything, this post gets people thinking and talking about how we can stay safe knowing that guns are in our society and in our homes.

    Stay safe out there and God Bless!

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  • Self-Defense Products: What are your options in Non-Lethal Defense?

    At gun shows, people are always asking us if our self-defense products work and my answer is YES!  Attackers don't want a victim that is willing to fight back.  And don't just take my word for it.  I have done my research.  Police officers, self-defense experts, and studies all say that fighting back is best.  But, should you?  It really is up to each individual and situation.  Personally, I don't want to be a victim and if able, will fight back with all I have taking some of the attackers DNA with me.

    What Can You Do?

    There are many self-defense products on the market (I will get to those later).  I personally carry a stun gun, a self-defense key chain, and pepper spray. Some days I even carry a .380.  But, just carrying them is not enough.  You need to know how to use them effectively and you need to have them handy, not in a pocket or purse.  Attackers are not going to wait for you to pull them out.  Know how to use each of the products you carry and have a plan.  You know that old saying practice makes perfect.  Experts say practice what you would do with friends and family.  Build that muscle memory so if and when you are attacked, you are better prepared.  Most importantly, make noise.  Attackers don't want you to get the attention of those around you.

    Self-Defense Products

    Not everyone feels comfortable with firearms and not everyone should own one.  This doesn't mean you can't fight back with your body or with self-defense products.  We have several on our website.

    Stun Guns

    My personal favorite is the Trigger Stun Gun because it is easy to use and has a disabling pin.

    The Trigger comes in several different colors and comes with a built in charger.  It is easy to activate (hence the name trigger) by compressing the red trigger on the side.   The wrist strap is important because if the attacker does take the stun gun away, the pin is removed and the attacker can not use it against you.  It does have a flashlight that can be used to temporarily blind your attacker as well.  All of our stun guns are rechargeable and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

    Oh, and I can testify that stun guns HURT!  Don't ask me how.  Lets just say I am accident prone.


    Pepper Spray/Mace

    We have a lot of options on our website.  I carry our basic pepper spray that comes in a leatherette holster.

    The thing I like about pepper spray and Mace is that you don't have to make direct contact with your attacker like a stun gun and it HURTS!  This product has a range of 6-8 feet and provides 6-10 one second bursts.  It comes with a quick release key chain and safety lock.  One thing people need to remember when using sprays, is that there is a risk of blow back.  But, the reality is, you should be getting away from your attacker so blow back should be minimal.

    Personal Alarms

    Remember what I said earlier.  Attackers don't want the attention, make noise!  This is the one thing I don't carry with me but think they are great anyway.  I also feel they would be great for kids.  Personal alarms are loud and get attention which can startle the attacker allowing victims to get away.  Also, I don't think the attacker would like 120 decibels placed directly next to their ear.  Talk about blowing an eardrum out.


    We get asked what these are at gun shows often. According to Wikipedia ,this key chain weapon was developed by Sōke Takayuki Kubota in the late 1960s. They typically are no more than 5.5 inches long and about half an inch in diameter.  Kubotans can be used for stabbing and hitting which can make them effective against attackers.  They are easy to grip and can be attached to your keys.

    If you feel this doesn't inflict enough damage, we have other self-defense key chains on our personal protection page.  I personal like the Brutus Key Chain because they are sharp and pointy.  Take that!




    I know what you are thinking.  How in the world can a flashlight be used to defend yourself?  Actually, a good bright flashlight is a great way to temporarily blind an attacker allowing you to get away. If big enough, makes a good whacking stick too.  We have two that have been really popular providing 500 or 1200 Lumens of blinding light.


    We also have some great flashlight stun guns that make great self defense weapons.  All items come with rechargeable batteries.

    So, there you have it.  If you are looking for something besides a gun, we do offer you a variety of options.  These products are easy to conceal and inexpensive.  I would suggest that you check with your state laws for some of these products because not all of them are legal in every state.  If you try to buy an item off of our website that is illegal in your state, it will not ship.  Also, remember to practice and know how your product works.

    Disclaimer:  I do not claim any of these products will keep you 100% safe and I am not an expert in personal safety.  It really is up to you.  Use your common sense, be aware of your surroundings, and educate yourself.    How you decide to defend yourself is a personal choice that only you can make.   I am open to personal opinions and thoughts from others.  I feel that this is an important topic for women and men to discuss. 




  • Rocky Mountain Gun Show

    Red Mountain Bunker will be at Rocky Mountain Gun show July 20-21st at NM Expo located at the NM fairgrounds in Albuquerque, NM.  We will have firearms along with non-lethal defense products.  Rocky Mountain Gun Show has something for everyone.  Come and see one of the largest gun shows in the west.

    Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun:  9am-4pm

  • 25% Sale Through Red Mountain Bunker

    Red Mountain Bunker has summer sales going on right now at https://www.redmountainbunker.com/

    We have all our hidden cameras and safety lights at reduced prices for a limited time (July 31, 2019).  Keep you and your family safe with these selected items.

    We have hidden cameras that can be used as nanny cams, close up videos for vacations, or just for basic surveillance.  Our eye wear cameras have been really popular!    These high end cameras are great for indoor or outdoor activities.  They have a hidden camera built directly into the glasses.  They last 2-3 hour and come with a removable 16GB SD card and will store video footage that can be directly downloaded to your computer.  With a push of a button the camera will turn on and off and save the file.  Cameras come with everything needed to get you started.





    We also have a variety of safety lights on sale for 25% off.  Our flashlights have been very popular at local gun shows.  They are inexpensive, rechargeable, and bright (500 and 1200 Lumen)!  They also can be used for self defense to temporarily blind an attacker.

    We also have safety lights in different colors to choose from for you and your pet while walking or jogging on cool summer nights.  Shoe and arm band safety lights come in red, pink, blue, yellow, and white.  Don't forgot about your furry friends.  Lights can be easily attached to collars or leashes.  If you are looking for bicycle lights, we have those too.

    Hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer and staying safe out there.

  • NM Gun Shows 2018

    Red Mountain Bunker will be at Western Frontier Gun Show at the Otero Fairgrounds in Alamogordo, NM December 1st and 2nd.  Hope to see you there.

  • Paintball Anyone? Try a Blowgun!

    Looking to improve your paintball game? Well, here is a solution that is not only affordable but can improve your game with the best, most lightweight, and most silent gun out there. A blowgun can be a huge game changer. I know, really? But, think about it. Below I will give you 10 reasons why you should consider a blowgun.

    #1 Light- It is compact and lightweight. They are typically made from high quality aircraft aluminum and weigh no more than a can of your favorite beer or soda.

    #2 Covert- In the game, being quiet and sneaky is essential. Since there are no moving parts, there are no other noises that come from it other than your breath and the whack of the paintball hitting its target. Ha ha, bet you can’t find where that came from!

    #3 Safe- It is the safest type of weapon whether used for paintball wars or hunting. It can’t simply “go off” on its own. It takes a blow of air from your lungs to turn it into a weapon. No more accidental shootings.

    #4 Eco-friendly- They are environmentally friendly. There are no CO2 cartridges to buy or put in the local landfill. It is only powered by you as stated in #2.

    #5 Accessories- You can add a quiver to carry all if not most of your paintballs. Just drop one down the tube and blow.

    #6 Distance- Range is out of this world. The longer the barrel, the farther the projectile will travel. Objects can go up to 150 yards or more.

    #7 Speed- Like range, the longer the barrel, the faster the projectile will travel. It increases exponentially with the length of the blowgun and can reach speeds of 450 feet per second. That will pack a punch!

    #8 Secretive- Because it is so slender, it can be easily hidden in clothing. Surprise!

    #9 Cost- Frankly, they are very inexpensive, costing as little as $9.00. Except for the cost of paintballs or accessories which are also inexpensive, you can play a lot paintball wars for really cheap. Really!

    #10 Care and Maintenance- Since they don’t have any moving parts, clean-up is as easy as 123. You don’t have to replace parts as well.

    What are you waiting for? Go gather up all your loose change and buy a paintball blowgun. Have fun and stay safe out there.

  • What Is Pepper Spray And Is It Effective?

    Pepper spray or oleoresin capsicum (OC) is a natural substance that comes from the oily resins found in a variety of peppers like cayenne.  The mist from OC causes immediate and intense burning of the skin but especially causes intense burning in the eyes causing them to burn, tear, and swell.  It also causes intense burning on the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

    OC has long lasting affects (up to an hour). Individuals that may be under the influence of drugs or are immune to pain can be immediately affected by OC.  Eyes involuntarily slam shut and tear up making them temporarily blind whether they feel pain or not which provides a victim time to escape.  It is also affective on attacking bears and dogs. 

    One other thing, we can’t stress enough.  If you are currently carrying or plan on buying pepper spray, practice using it on a fake target.  Practice with a spray that is of same style, brand, and size you carry.  This way you are comfortable with the product and know exactly how it works.  You will see how it sprays and how close you need to be to your target.  Also, remember blow back from the product is possible.  Remember to back away whenever you use it on an attacker or practice with it.    

    Pepper spray is a common product that many like to carry for self-defense because of its effectiveness.   It is easy to conceal and easy to use.  Remember, you can’t carry pepper spray on an airplane, but you can put one in your checked luggage.  However, because airlines do change their rules from time to time, make sure you check with current regulations before you fly.

    Pepper spray is an effective product because of the immediate pain it causes on the would-be attacker.  Frankly, it is the gift that keeps on giving and it burns like heck.  However, if it is not used correctly or if you have no idea how the product you carry works, it could be ineffective.   

  • Does the way we move or carry ourselves contribute to being picked as a target?

    It is true that most victims of mugging or other assaults contributed in some way to becoming a victim. For instance, walking down a dark alley or being alone in a parking lot can increase your chances of being a victim. Along with the obvious places we should avoid, the way we move may make us standout as a potential easy target.  In a study conducted in the North East, people were recorded walking down the street. These recordings were then taken into a prison and shown to convicts who had been convicted of assaults. They were asked to watch the videos and point out individuals that they might pick as a potential target. The individuals they picked were then studied. They looked at the length of the stride, gait, how they swung their legs and how the hips moved. Did they have their heads up or were they distracted in some way?   The perceived victims are non-synchronous or anti-synchronous within themselves. Instead of body parts working to complement each other, the potential victim’s body parts seem to move against each other. This is how potential victims and offenders have a silent communication between them that reveals the victim’s weakness or vulnerability much like how predators in the wild can pick out the weakest member of a herd.

    It may be very difficult to train a person to change these traits within themselves but it’s not impossible. It’s also possible that being aware that you project these signs that you can elevate your level of awareness regarding your surroundings. You can also adjust how you prepare to protect yourself in the event that you are targeted. Have a plan in mind, play the “what if” game with yourself. If this should happen then I will do this or that. Have things to use to defend yourself with, like a taser, stun gun, or pepper spray. Then have them at the ready when you are in situations where you might need them at an instant. Know that if you spray your pepper spray you should back away and not walk into the fog causing yourself to be affected by your own spray. Make a quick note as to which way the wind is blowing so it doesn’t blow back in your face. Be aware of escape routes so you can run from your assailant.

    There are many things to consider when it comes to your own safety. It’s too late to wish you had a form of defense when you’re faced with a person set on harming you. A small investment can tip the odds in your favor. Find something that you’re comfortable with and always have it with you.

    Have a safe blessed day.


  • Non-Lethal Weapons on Campus

    There has been a lot of debate as to whether or not students and staff should be permitted to carry on state colleges and universities.  Some argue that allowing students to carry non-lethal weapons will not increase campus safety while others argue that it will.

    When I was a student at UNM, I did carry pepper spray. There were a few classes that I needed to attend in the evening when there were very few people on campus.  It did give me some peace of mind knowing that I could use it to help defend myself.  Fortunately, I never felt a need to use it.

    Should students and staff be allowed to carry non-lethal weapons?  Whether you agree or not there are a few truths that I feel everyone would agree with: be aware of your surroundings, learn and practice self-defense tactics, and know how to use a non-lethal weapon correctly.

    Being aware of your surroundings at all times is critical.  Don't let conversations and electronics distract you.  Attackers look for an easy target.  If you are distracted, they are more likely to choose you.  Also, don't stay in places where you are hidden from view especially if you are alone.  And, know your escape routes.  Being able to escape in multiple directions, provides you the opportunity to get away from a dangerous situation more easily.

    There are many classes that you can take that teach self-defense.  Even after taking the class,  don't stop practicing.  You want your muscle memory to "kick in" if you are ever attacked.  The only way to get those skills to stick is to practice and practice often.

    Lastly, knowing how to use a non-lethal weapon correctly is extremely important.  An attacker is not going to wait for you to figure it out.  Know how it works and know how to use it to defend yourself.  There are ways to practice safely by using practice pepper spray and by disabling the stun gun.

    Stay safe out there!


  • Why is a security system important?

    The reasons for a home security system are numerous. We use ours to monitor movement in and around the house. We can keep an eye on our pets with two cameras. We can see them in the main part of the house and in the garage. While we were on vacation we had hired a young man to feed and spend time with our pets. We could tell when he was there because the system would alert us that there was movement in the house. We would log into the system to make sure it was him, and we were able to communicate with him while he was there. We were several states away yet still connected with our home. If we had found anyone there that didn't belong we could snap a picture and contact authorities.

    With our outside cameras we are able to monitor the front drive and walk way leading to the front door. When packages are dropped off they can be seen. When we are home we know who is at the door before we open it. Other cameras monitor the rest of the yard and back door. It gives us peace of mind to be able to check on the house at any time and even if we aren't watching the system is recording.

    I have a friend who both her and her husband work out of town and are gone for a couple of days at a time. They have teen aged sons and use their system to check on them and to communicate. They have cameras all through the house except for the boys bedrooms. One evening when I was working with her she was helping her son with some homework using the security system. Now I know it's possible to do the same with cell phones but her system serves as a back up to phones by using their wifi.

    So lets look at commercial applications for businesses. Having a good system pays for its self by reducing theft. The cameras serve as a deterrent when would be thief's are looking to take expensive items. By adding in a few decoy cameras with actual cameras they have noway of telling which are real and which are decoy.

    At a hospital I worked in we had a person who was trying to find a way to sue us. She would find a place where she didn't think anyone was watching. She would topple her walker over and then lay down beside it and start yelling for help. We would pick her up and take her to the ER. She would claim all sorts of pain and discomforts. After being examined and her prescription in hand she would leave. We would pull all of the security coverage that would clearly show what she had done. We would then file a police report and charge her for filing a false claim. Having the security system saved the hospital thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and possible paying other damages if not for the irrefutable evidence we had.

    This is a short list of reasons to add a security monitoring system to your home or business. But the biggest reason I use them is to protect my family.

    Have a safe blessed day.


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